Thursday, August 12, 2010

Open the flood gates


Another full day and night behind us. Yesterday - we'll call it the day the flood gates of food opened up. I was off working again (keep it coming, no complaints), but apparently an ultimatum was placed upon little man.  Mama had just about had it with seeing him continue to deny real food from entering his body. The double clap is gone, thank god. Food is the last front. The foot was put down and the war of wills began. He gets nothing till he eats the food on the plate. Don't even talk to her. She doesn't want to hear it. The healing will begin when he eats, and If he wants to get back to karate, he'll have to eat. And that did it. There used to be public phones in Israel that took a special call coin with a hole in it (like a donut) called assimon. It would slide down behind see through glass into the visible mechanism and when it locked into place, it clicked and you got a dial tone. These phones no longer exist, but a saying remains that "the assimon fell" as an expression of "it sunk in." Back to little man. Mention karate and "the assimon fell". And fell down to his belly hard as the plate was devoured and he asked for more, and more and more. And then, get this, he asked Orit if she would take him to Randy's Donuts? But that's between you and dad, she said, trying to get out of it. It can be with you too, he said. Then without shame, he asked if he could just stay and she could go and bring some back? That was pushing it, but he pulled back quickly. And they went. And he had another session of Randy's Donut Therapy via the chocolate glaze. And I came home to find this small betrayal (at least there was the extra they brought home) and have to learn to live with it. We all since had a discussion and came to the conclusion, that Randy's is a special (and mostly far) trip reserved for warranted occasions. All other whim donut moments will have to be directed towards the local shop which we now must discover by exploration. So who knows, maybe that will be the next topic to write about.
Amongst the other things in our busy day, Orit and I went to an orientation for Theo's new school. A new charter. Smaller, more independent and thought provoking than standardized public system. Looking forward to seeing it develop and take shape. Met principle and some teachers... Maybe this will be a topic.
Then, went to a gallery opening to meet the owner and then a bar and maybe this will be a topic.
And lastly we came home back to our sleeping child and release of Aimee (who works for Orit and helps out with little man on occasion). And I almost sat on him before I realized he was sleeping in our bed. Goes back to our lack of current structure or routine. And now I'm back to the topic. Little man, surgery, healing, dealing and parenting. Yesterday, thus far, the best day.
This morning started almost rough. Little man runs into our bedroom silently crying as he does when he has his bursts of pain in the throat or ear and lays head down besides us, crying. Can't touch him. Just silence. A few minutes. And it's done. I have to drive the big grip truck back - wanna come with me, and we'll go get some pancakes? Froggy said yes. And off we went in the truck (he loves doing this for the rare vantage point he gets from the cabs of these trucks), driving along the 101 into Hollywood.
And we went to Mel's Diner. He ate pancakes and maple syrup and bacon. Slow as can be (which is great, but invokes the need for patience) but ate like a champ. And we moved on to Samy's to pick some rental gear up and visit some folks. There he gave a demonstration of his strength being back and readiness for karate. Is it karate night tonight? No. Tomorrow? Ok. Keeeaaayy!  And now he's hanging at Rowan's house for a few hours, while we deal with the rest of our lives and beings (Rooody has a rash and is at the vet)...
And now he's back and is a cone head...

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